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What does SIOE mean in Group? What does SIOE stand for in Group? What's the full form of SIOE in Group?What's the full form of SIOE in Group?

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  • Stop Islamisation Of Europe


Abbreviation SIOE Examples

1.  Background. Stop Islamisation Of Europe was founded in 2007 in an attempt to build on the success of Stop Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD), led by Anders Gravers. It describes itself as "an alliance of people across Europe with the single aim of preventing Islam becoming a dominant political force in Europe."

Abbreviation SIOE in other languages

  • 阻止欧洲的伊斯兰化 [中文]
  • Detener la islamización de Europa [Español]
  • ヨーロッパのイスラム化をやめる [日本語]
  • Stoppt die Islamisierung Europas [Deutsch]
  • Остановить исламизацию Европы [Pусский]
  • Stop à l'islamisation de l'Europe [Français]

Abbreviation SIOE also stand for

  • SIOE - Stop the Islamization of Europe  [ Group ]
  • SIOE - Stop the Islamisation of Europe  [ Group ]

Check all full forms of abbreviation SIOE