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What does PRB mean in Electronics? What does PRB stand for in Electronics? What's the full form of PRB in Electronics?What's the full form of PRB in Electronics?

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1.  PAPR 915-0120-01 Rev. B, January 2013 An Overview of Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence

2.  Computer calculation verifies that the Pseudo-Random Binary sequences with length up to N=127 can be easily turned into perfect punctured binary sequence pairs.

3.  Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences (P.R.B.S.) have already been used for the identification of impulse response in linear systems and in particular in gas chromatography [1-4].

4.  They were instructed to relax while Pseudo-Random Binary sequence perturbations were applied to their ankle joint.

5.  In 27 patients with heart failure and 24 age-matched control subjects, we imposed cycle exercise at 50?W intermittently according to a Pseudo-Random Binary (exercise-rest) sequence, while measuring breath-by-breath V˙O2.

6.  Effects of hyperoxia on oxygen uptake kinetics in cystic fibrosis patients as determined by Pseudo-Random Binary sequence exerci

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  • 伪随机二进制 [中文]
  • Binario pseudoaleatorio [Español]
  • 擬似ランダムバイナリ [日本語]
  • Pseudo-Zufalls-Binär [Deutsch]
  • Псевдо-случайный двоичный код [Pусский]
  • Binaire pseudo-aléatoire [Français]

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